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Jiangsu Yifanda safety equipment Co. Ltd. is located in the beautiful and rich the Yellow Sea Lake - Jiangsu Dongtai. Crane deer here Youtong Ming, elegant environment, advanced transportation and communication, 204 State Road, even the coastal highway. Company's existing staff more than and 200 people, the total assets of about twelve million yuan, covers an area of more than 16 thousand m2, complete production equipment, strong technical force, advanced detection means.

Jiangsu Yifanda safety equipment company's mission is to organize the China manufacturing, help Chinese manufacturing to the world. Companies use their own marketing resources, for the domestic and foreign numerous small and medium-sized buyers, enterprises and end consumers to provide excellent products and services.

We are a group of happy young people, with our dreams! Make every effort to build a treasure, the heart service every FANS.

Every praise is a recognized, cannot do without the efforts of every member, from every aspect of the design, material selection, production, sale, warehouse delivery to customer service service we have in the heart!

The company's products are genuine, fake a penalty ten, the credibility of the guarantee. Customers are welcome to come to rest assured that we will be happy to serve you!


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